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And, yes, I DO take it personally: 10/15/2006 - 10/22/2006
Mandy: Great blog!
Mark: Thanks to all the contributors on this blog. When I want to get information on the events that really matter, I come here.
Penny: I'm glad I found your blog (from a comment on Think Progress), it's comprehensive and very insightful.
Eric: Nice site....I enjoyed it and will be back.
nora kelly: I enjoy your site. Keep it up! I particularly like your insights on Latin America.
Alison: Loquacious as ever with a touch of elegance -- & right on target as usual!
"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
- Noam Chomsky
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And, yes, I DO take it personally

Sunday, October 15, 2006

And we would be surprised because...?


Competitive Era Fails to Shrink Electric Bills

A decade after the electricity business was opened to
competition, the market has not produced a drop in prices.

that's because the greed-mongers who sold us this bill of goods never had any intention of letting prices drop... why are we always so willing to do the b.o.h.i.c.a. *...?

(* bend over, here it comes again)

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The destruction of the first amendment marches on

it's not garden-variety destruction either... it's being hacked to pieces in front of our very eyes...
A paralegal and a military lawyer who brought forward allegations about prisoner abuse at the Guantanamo Bay detention center have been ordered not to speak with the press, lawyers and a military spokeswoman said Saturday.

Marine Lt. Col. Colby Vokey, who represents a detainee at the U.S. naval base in eastern Cuba, filed a complaint with the Pentagon last week alleging that abuse was ongoing at the prison. He attached a sworn statement from his paralegal, Sgt. Heather Cerveny, in which she said several Guantanamo guards bragged in a bar about beating detainees, describing it as common practice.


"This is necessary to ensure all actions of counsel are in compliance with regulations establishing professional standards for military attorneys," the spokeswoman, 1st Lt. Blanca E. Binstock, said in a statement.

Reached by telephone, Vokey declined to comment, saying, "I can't even talk about it." When asked if he was going to abide by the order for the time being, he said, "Yes."

uh-huh... i see... you can't even talk about not talking about it... wow... are we in shit-shape or what...?

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Evil leads the way, whistling in the dark and clapping louder...?

well, let's HOPE it's whistling in the dark and clapping louder... you can be damn sure rove has something up his sleeve, and, whatever it is, it's going to catch EVERYONE by surprise...
Amid widespread panic in the Republican establishment about the coming midterm elections, there are two people whose confidence about GOP prospects strikes even their closest allies as almost inexplicably upbeat: President Bush and his top political adviser, Karl Rove.

Some Republicans on Capitol Hill are bracing for losses of 25 House seats or more. But party operatives say Rove is predicting that, at worst, Republicans will lose only 8 to 10 seats -- shy of the 15-seat threshold that would cede control to Democrats for the first time since the 1994 elections and probably hobble the balance of Bush's second term.

[Evil leads the way. Ed. by profmarcus]

Top White House political adviser Karl Rove, left, and national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley walk into the Rose Garden.

In the Senate, Rove and associates believe, a Democratic victory would require the opposition to "run the table," as one official put it, to pick up the necessary six seats -- a prospect the White House seems to regard as nearly inconceivable.

i won't breathe one easy breath until that man and his black-hearted evil twin, dick cheney, are somewhere they can't do any more damage...

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