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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Move Your Money Day @Occupy Reno
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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Move Your Money Day @Occupy Reno

it was 17 degrees when i headed downtown early this morning to join other occupy reno folks... we were assembling in city plaza and preparing to march around downtown, specifically wells fargo and bank of america... there were probably thirty people altogether - old, young, male, female, kids and dogs... we had determined in advance not to put ourselves in any potential legal jeopardy by protesting on bank property with the exception of those of us who had planned to enter one of the banks to close their accounts... we also decided to move from corner to corner of any intersections we were occupying so that we wouldn't be cited for loitering... we chanted, we brandished our signs and we marched...

at least 40 or 50 passing cars gave us honks and waves to which we responded with smiles, waves and occasional whoops of acknowledgement... probably less than half a dozen times, people in passing cars flipped us off... most chose to simply regard us with bemusement... one spandex and helmet-clad bicyclist zoomed by yelling "get jobs you lazy whiners"... (interestingly enough, with a few exceptions, almost everyone in the group is, in fact, employed...) we had fully expected to be shadowed by local police but, amazingly enough, we didn't see a single squad car the entire time... unfortunately, the local news media were nowhere to be seen either...

overall, we spent about 2 1/2 hours and covered maybe two miles up and down the main street of downtown reno... despite the cold and occasional snowflakes, everyone stuck it out...

here's a collage of photos from the morning...


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