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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Occupy Reno makes the local front page - again
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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Occupy Reno makes the local front page - again

the second time in a week...


from the article in today's reno gazette journal...
On Day 6, the protesters are in transition, moving from figuring out how to sustain themselves to hosting events to discuss the issues. An "open mic" is being planned for about 5 p.m. Saturday so people can speak their mind.


A large geodesic dome -- from Burning Man -- has been set up near the front of the Moana Pool building. With the dome, at least part of the camp will be visible to passing motorists.

The dome will serve as a media room with computers, Lowell said. Bicycle-powered generators and solar panels are being sought for their energy needs.

With the dome, at least part of the camp will be visible to passing motorists.

i posted yesterday about the how Occupy Reno is cooperating with the city of reno... as a testament to that, the mayor himself stopped by unannounced and the police have been very supportive....
[Occupiers] were impressed Mayor Bob Cashell came by himself to talk with them. [A] high-ranking police official asked to be called if any officers give them any trouble for no reason.

and, in line with the FDL Occupy Supply effort, occupy reno has needs...
About a dozen tents have been set up. Many are on top of pallets so people don't have to sleep on the cold ground. Two RVs on site will be moved along the west edge to serve as a windbreak and will be used as warm-up huts on the coldest nights... .

Firewood and a water buffalo, a water tank on wheels, are their biggest needs. They'd rather not use water in throw-away plastic bottles. Donations have covered the cost of about a dozen portable toilets.

on saturday, occupy reno is sponsoring a "Move Your Money" gathering... people will assemble at 9 a.m. in city plaza and march to both bank of america and wells fargo which, conveniently enough, are right across the street from each other... fliers will be distributed to those outside and, if they are b of a or wells customers, will be invited to move their money to the one locally-owned bank or four locally-owned and operated credit unions... occupy participants will also be moving their accounts...

hopefully, i'll have some photos...

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