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And, yes, I DO take it personally: The EEC says the Karzai vote count didn't top 50% [UPDATES l & II]
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Monday, October 19, 2009

The EEC says the Karzai vote count didn't top 50% [UPDATES l & II]


after just reading this on the bbc news site, i got a text message from our security people here in kabul saying that our alert level was now "red"... we've been repeatedly told that would happen as a precaution against any civil unrest or potential violence related to the announcement of the election results...
A panel probing fraud claims in the Afghan election has found Hamid Karzai did not gain enough valid votes for an outright win, the BBC understands.

Preliminary results from August's first round had placed Mr Karzai comfortably over the 50% plus one vote threshold needed to avoid a run-off.

But officials have told the BBC the Electoral Complaints Commission (EEC) says Mr Karzai did not win above 50%.

Mr Karzai could now face a second round against main rival Abdullah Abdullah.


The ECC reports to the Independent Election Commission (IEC), which will make the final announcement on the election's outcome.

The IEC is widely regarded as pro-Karzai, but analysts say it is legally bound to accept the ECC's findings.

i still think a runoff, given the timing and the security situation, makes no sense... maybe this will force a coalition government with abdullah... stay tuned...


we're sitting here waiting for karzai's response... word on the street is that he is NOT a happy camper which this snippet from the bbc seems to corroborate...
One source warned of a possible "train crash". Others are still hoping a compromise can emerge at this critical 11th hour.

President Karzai has repeatedly warned foreign countries not to interfere in the election process.

Sources say he firmly believes Western countries, in particular the United States and Britain, are conspiring to rob him of victory.

well, let's face it, the guy has a lot to lose, not the least of which is the torrent of cash that flows to his two brothers, mahmoud and wali...


from al jazeera via juan cole...

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