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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Mish Shedlock is outraged
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Mish Shedlock is outraged

it's kind of hard to get any more outraged than i already am when i look out the window here in kabul and see the unbelievable fucking mess we've made out of things in this country, but... yes, i'm outraged at the in-your-face looting of the world economy by the already super-rich and then reading about how billions of people across the world are starving to death... yes, i'm OUTRAGED...
Where's The Outrage?

I don't know about you, but I am outraged.

I am outraged and not just about Goldman Sachs, but about a process that allows, even encourages political pandering, by time and time again rewarding leveraged riverboat gamblers and failed institutions and at taxpayer expense.

I am outraged that real people are suffering massively while the influence peddlers have stolen the country for their own personal benefit.

I am outraged at a political system that is totally unresponsive to the American people.

I am outraged by campaign contribution and lobbying processes that allows corporations to buy votes with donations.

I am outraged how legislators ignored the wishes of the people who clearly did not want these bailouts in the first place.

I am outraged that very little of this is in mainstream media. Why is this stuff not on the frontpage of every newspaper in the country or at least in the editorial pages?

I am outraged that the average US citizen is not aware of any of this, instead depending on CNBC, or "The View" for their interpretation of the world.

I am outraged how special interest groups have exercised their power to monopolize the economy for the benefit of themselves, US citizens be damned.

I am outraged that all these bailout programs are doing nothing to alleviate the massive consumer debt problems. Every program, virtually every program was designed to bailout lending institutions, not consumers.

I am outraged at fees charged by banks receiving bailouts.

I am outraged over government pension plans and government pay scales massively out of line with the private sector.

I am outraged that Congress and this administration thinks the solution to massive budget deficits are still higher budget deficits in excess of a trillion dollars.

I am outraged about indictments. Paulson Admitted Coercion to force a shotgun wedding between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch yet no indictments were handed out. Let the Criminal Indictments Begin: Paulson, Bernanke, Lewis.

I am outraged that US citizens are not concerned enough and not educated enough to demand change.

I am outraged that the two party system has failed. Neither party has delivered meaningful change on budgets, on taxes, on social security, on deficit spending, on the size of government, on military spending, or fighting needless wars.

I am outraged that the Obama Administration promised changed and did not deliver. "Yes We Can" was a lie. The reality is "It's Business As Usual, Only Worse, With Higher Deficits".

I am outraged there is not enough outrage over this.

Where the hell is the outrage?

here's a comment thread from my saturday post that addresses the "outrage" factor...

Am I alone in thinking that this is going to get incredibly ugly when the American people finally manage to pull their heads out of their fat asses, turn off the TV, get off the couch, and do something about this mess?

I've been wondering who will have a civil war first, China or the USA. Either one would almost certainly trigger WW-III.

Gravatar the average american is still too comfortable in everyday life to bestir themselves... as long as there's beer in the refrig, cable tv with the nfl and american idol, and enough money to shop at walmart for groceries and the usual unnecessaries, the asses are going to remain firmly planted on the couch... the sad truth is that robbery on such a massive scale has become part of the american scenery... over-the-top greed and obscene wealth is now de rigueur in american economic life, never mind that it's coming out of our pockets, just so long as our comfort level can be maintained... nobody really gets it yet that we're witnessing the largest wealth grab in the history of the world and that billions are being left to die as a result...

Gravatar I have a bad feeling that things will go from "too comfortable" to "torches and pitch forks" quickly. The transition will be awhile yet but when it happens, it will happen over night and no one will be ready for it.

Gravatar perhaps i'm a bit too cynical but i half suspect that an uprising is what our handlers are hoping for so that they can pull out all the stops with martial law and slap our annoying,cheeky selves down once and for all...

Gravatar I don't think they're nearly that competent. There is a vast global conspiracy but no one knows they're in it, the (Subgenius style) Con is just the emergent behavior of a planet full of mostly stupid partially domesticated mostly bald apes.

And you thought you were a cynic

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