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And, yes, I DO take it personally: People with Down Syndrome are the most insightful and honest people you will ever meet
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

People with Down Syndrome are the most insightful and honest people you will ever meet

i have observed down syndrome folks for many years and, although i have never had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with a person with down's, i have always been impressed with their incredible ability to size people up on a feeling level, to be unfailingly and directly honest, and to be cheerful and loving even in the most adverse of circumstances...

the young man in this youtube clip, dan drinker, is, in his own terms, a "downsy," and, if his endorsement of obama carries any weight at all, as it absolutely should, we will all be casting our vote for senator obama in november...

dan's younger brother made this video and has this to say about it...
My older brother has always been an excellent judge of character.

There is no one hiding behind Dan's chair, that is just the top of my head in his mirror as I film him. This interview is something Dan has asking me to shoot for a few days now. These are solely his opinions, I edited it for time purposes but I did not tell him what to say. He has a lot to say, just difficulty expressing it. He insisted I subtitle his words saying, "I want to be understood" and who among us doesn't want to be understood?

(many thanks to john at americablog...)

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