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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Reaching out to George H.W. Bush - sometimes Obama's "inclusiveness" creeps me out
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reaching out to George H.W. Bush - sometimes Obama's "inclusiveness" creeps me out

larry king interviewing barack obama on thursday...
KING: A couple of quick things, Senator. Would you, in your administration, make use of Bill Clinton?

OBAMA: Absolutely. I think that, you know, Bill Clinton is a brilliant statesman and politician, and I think that any president would want to use his skills and his relationships around the world.

By the way, I would reach out to the first George Bush. You know, one of the things that I think George H.W. Bush doesn't get enough credit for was his foreign policy team and the way that he helped negotiate the end of the Cold War and prosecuted the Gulf War. That cost us 20 billion dollars. That's all it cost. It was extremely successful. I think there were a lot of very wise people. So I want a bipartisan team that can help to provide me good advice and counsel when I'm president of the United States.


KING: The McCain campaign has suspended a staff member -- did it this afternoon -- for distributing a YouTube video that questioned your patriotism. It included footage from Reverend Wright's controversial sermons. Any comment on Senator McCain doing that?

OBAMA: Well, you know, Senator McCain actually has generally operated in an honorable way. We've got obviously strong disagreements, but when, for example, there was a supporter that kept on just repeating my middle name over and over again, obviously trying to implicate, you know, suggest somehow that I was not the kind of candidate that America would want, Senator McCain spoke out forcefully against it.

So I respect that he, I think, so far, has run an honorable campaign, and I intend to show him the same courtesy when we meet in the general election.

ok, look... i know obama's running a campaign and i know he doesn't want to trash-talk anybody, a strategy that would totally negate his positive message... i also understand that a message of light and love (my words, not obama's) will ultimately vanquish the dark, but reaching out to george h.w. bush...? particularly bothersome is that was a piece of information that obama VOLUNTEERED, and wasn't in response to a question from king... george h.w. bush, imho, is, even in his dotage, a potent dark force, and i, for one, would have preferred that obama simply didn't mention him at all...

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