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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Does Goldman serve a purpose in society...? Guess that depends on whose purpose we're talking about...
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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Does Goldman serve a purpose in society...? Guess that depends on whose purpose we're talking about...

in the usual context-free reporting of our sad-ass u.s. news media, nobody bothers to mention that goldman has been key to the on-going pillaging of u.s. and world economies for over thirty years... and they also don't bother to mention that the rest of the super-rich elites who call the shots in the global economy for the likes of ubs, citi, goldman, etc., have made out like the bandits they are at the expense of the bulk of the world's population...
The Justice Department's criminal investigation into Goldman Sachs goes beyond the financial transactions targeted by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the civil fraud suit brought against the firm last month, law enforcement sources said Friday.

The Justice Department probe began weeks ago and is essentially on a parallel track with the SEC investigation, the sources said. While prosecutors and investigators are focusing on some of the same mortgage-related transactions as the SEC, the sources said, the Justice Department has cast a wider net.

yeah, i'm glad to see a possible criminal indictment pending against goldman... it's better than the crickets chirping that's been the case for seemingly forever...

and, just for chuckles and grins, here's a kindergarten primer on the goldman sachs of today...

Goldman, not that long ago, was a firm that raised capital for companies who wished to grow and advised those that wanted to buy another company or sell themselves. These are now sidelines for Goldman. The overwhelming portion of its revenue and profit come from trading.

Goldman is now (principally) a trader that lives to find people who are dumber than itself, using its intelligence advantage to enrich itself and impoverish its trading partners. So it is hard to argue that it serves a useful purpose for society.

goldman is a self-styled predator in the jungle of their own making, the great jungle of social darwinism...

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