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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Trillions for the banksters but not a penny for our health
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Trillions for the banksters but not a penny for our health

i don't get it... i plain don't get it... throwing trillions of dollars at the banksters, the insurance companies, the automakers, and the giant investment firms was somehow just fine... congress jumped right in, delivered a snappy salute, took the super-rich by the hand and led them right into the money bin... hell, they even provided the dump trucks to haul it away... so, pray tell, what's this big hoo-ha about the cost of health care, fercryinoutloud, a considerably more important deal, imho, than lining the pockets of the already super-rich elites...?
For Public, Obama Didn’t Fill in Health Blanks

Wanting to believe the president’s assurances, many couldn’t see how his health care plan would be paid for.

in time-honored fashion, the nyt spins the story to make it look like it's the american people who are the ones stopping the passage of health care reform rather than the miserable worms in congress who have the nerve to pass themselves off as our concerned, elected representatives... did congress drag its feet on the bailout...? shit, no...! but when it comes to the REAL well-being of their constituents, that's another matter entirely... oh, wait... silly me... the banksters ARE their constituents... never mind...

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