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And, yes, I DO take it personally: "This is a more secure system that improves safety for everybody"
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Monday, December 10, 2007

"This is a more secure system that improves safety for everybody"

liar, liar, liar... it's another step carefully designed to inure us to omnipresent surveillance and the blooming of the full-tilt boogie police state...
Foreigners who entered the United States at Dulles airport, near Washington, were required to give officials 10 fingerprints instead of two, as new security measures were rolled out Monday.

"This is a more secure system that improves safety for everybody," Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff told a news conference at the airport.

Most foreigners aged between 14 and 79 who travel to the United States have been required since 2004 to provide the prints of two fingers and a digital photograph to US officials, either when they apply for a visa or arrive in the United States.

The data are checked against a watch list of criminals, known or suspected terrorists, and people who have violated the tough immigration laws in the United States, a statement issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said.

By increasing the number of required fingerprints from two to 10, the DHS hopes to enhance security and improve the accuracy of checking a traveler's fingerprints against the watch list, which includes data supplied by the FBI, homeland security, defense department and other US government agencies.

"the data are checked against a 'watch list'" is patent crap... sure, the data may WELL be checked against a list, but the data WILL ALSO BE RETAINED and used to create EVEN MORE LISTS that will be carefully analyzed to reveal who is traveling to where, from where, when, how often, and then added to all of the data ALREADY being collected on persons arriving on international flights, to create a extremely sophisticated profile of each individual, down to the least little bit and byte...

so what, you might ask, do they intend to do with all this information...? well, for one thing, they will use it to prevent individuals who have been deemed "undesirable" from EVEN BOARDING a flight to the united states in the first place, thus eliminating all the muss and fuss (and unpleasant publicity) of turning someone back at immigration, insuring that one and all become highly cognizant of the power of a government to restrict freedom of travel, and, certainly not least, to keep all of us in a state of perpetual awareness that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we do is visible to those in "authority"... liking it so far...?

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