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And, yes, I DO take it personally: WOO-HOO...!! MF Global missing money now up to $1.7 BILLION...!!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WOO-HOO...!! MF Global missing money now up to $1.7 BILLION...!!

holy shit...!
$1.7 Billion Customers' Money Missing From MF Global

The amounts of customer funds missing from MF Global have multiplied from $633 million to $1.2 billion yesterday– and now $1.7 billion today, according to Vincent (Trace) Schmeltz III , the attorney for the 80 member Commodity Customers Coalition. Schmeltz is a member of the Barnes & Thornburg law firm in Chicago

This new figure is the result of the inability by the Trustee and the CME (the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) to find more than $3.7 billion in customers funds rather than the $5.4 billion projected just after MF Global filed for bankruptcy on October 31.

Apparently, on October 31, the CME reported segregated funds totalled $5.4 billion. The next day– on November 1st, the CME suggested that $633 million was lost and unaccounted for. But, by yesterday, November 21, the Trustee reported that he could find only $3.7 billion in assets. Neither Schmeltz nor Koutoulas can understand why the CME declared only $1.2 billion missing yesterday– because if only $3.7 billion has been found of the original $5.4 billion segregated accounts– this suggests that the missing amount of segregated funds now totals $1.7 billion.

i'm getting the feeling that there's still another shoe to drop... maybe even an entire freakin' shoe STORE...

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