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And, yes, I DO take it personally: A modest proposal: corporately-endowed elected officials
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A modest proposal: corporately-endowed elected officials

why not have corporations endow elected offices the way they do university professorships or perhaps the same way the naming rights to sports stadiums are bid for and purchased...?

we could have the "Goldman Sachs Speaker of the House" or the "Google Senate Armed Services Committee Chair" or the "Jamie Dimon United States Senator from New York" or the "Kleiner Perkins Mayor of San Francisco"... this way, we could stop pretending that our so-called representatives work for any constituency other than the one who paid for their office... we could also stop the fleecing of us peasants for money we don't have and perpetuating the delusion that our votes actually make a difference... we could eliminate the vast amounts of money collected by media outlets in campaign advertising and basically save everyone the agony of watching the never-ending election reality show... plus, think of how much fun it would be watching the super-rich elites engage in an open bidding war for the office of the president... (not that they aren't doing that right now anyway, but it would be fun to see it out in the open...)

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