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And, yes, I DO take it personally: My first and last comments on Weinergate
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My first and last comments on Weinergate

so, the compulsive sex addict is going to resign... woo-hoo...

two comments...

one, what anthony weiner does to pursue his sexual inclinations is absolutely none of anyone else's goddam business... period...

two, how anyone, particularly someone of weiner's purported intelligence and PARTICULARLY someone in his position, can NOT think that anything and everything they do on any electronic network (and that means everything from swiping your supermarket discount card to making an atm withdrawal to sending tweets) isn't being swept up by SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE - whether it's vile-minded hackers working for andrew breitbart or the nsa or the fbi - is SERIOUSLY deluded...

so, while i think it's absolutely insane to hound someone from office for anything based on licit sexual behavior, i think weiner deserves everything he gets based on his sheer STUPIDITY... sure, he should be free to engage in whatever sexual behavior he cares to pursue as long as it's legal, but to think that tweeting, sexting and posting photos of his genitals via open and highly-surveilled electronic networks WOULDN'T make their way into the public domain eventually is just plain idiocy... in my book, weiner is a prime candidate for the next edition of the darwin awards...

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