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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Glenn's back with a roar
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Glenn's back with a roar

this is only glenn's second post since being released from the hospital after a bout with dengue fever, not something you just bounce back from... in any case, the episode didn't dampen glenn's piercing insight one bit... he's literally on fire here as he rails against the ceaseless hypocrisy demonstrated so consistently in the u.s. news media, in this case an article in today's nyt, pointing out egypt's corrupt "intersection of money, politics and power"...
One would never, ever find in The New York Times such a sweeping denunciation of the plutocratic corruption and merger of private wealth and political power that shapes most of America's political culture. Just like "torture"-- which that paper has no trouble declaring is used by Egypt's government but will never say is used by ours -- such systematic corruption can exist only elsewhere, but never in America. That's how this genre of Look Over There reporting is not just incomplete but outright misleading: it actively creates the impression that such conditions are found only in those Primitive Foreign Places, but not here.

it also fosters the completely bogus notion of american exceptionalism, a notion that so many in this country have been spoon-fed since birth, a notion that is best dispelled by spending time outside u.s. borders, not in a bubble that replicates the coddled home environment, but actually living day-to-day like the locals...

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