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And, yes, I DO take it personally: "Good" democracies vs. "bad" democracies - the dirty secret of the US call for "orderly transition" in Egypt
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Monday, February 07, 2011

"Good" democracies vs. "bad" democracies - the dirty secret of the US call for "orderly transition" in Egypt

pepe escobar writing in the asia times via alternet...
For bipartisan Washington, there are "good" democracies (those that keep serving US strategic interests) and "bad" democracies which vote "wrong" (such as in Gaza, or in a future Egypt, against US interests).

This is the dirty secret of the "orderly transition" in Egypt - which implies Washington only meekly condemning the bloody Mubarakism wave of repression of protesters and international media. That's considered OK - as long as the military dictatorship remains in place and the glacial status quo is maintained. Moreover, sacrosanct Israel came out swinging praising Mubarak; this also means Tel Aviv will do everything to "veto" Mohamed ElBaradei as an opposition leader.


In a sane world - and if Obama had the will - the White House would back people power unconditionally. One can imagine, in terms of improving the US's image, what a roaring success that would be.

i'm always interested in reading perspectives like this one from the well-respected mr. escobar... i'm a keen observer of world goings-on and, while certainly not an expert, i think i do a pretty good job of putting the pieces together... watching the developments over the past 2+ weeks in egypt and putting them together with what i have personally experienced and already know, it seems pretty clear to me what manipulative crap mubarak has been up to and how weaselly, equivocating and self-serving the u.s. response has been... nonetheless, it's good to have my perspective validated...

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