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And, yes, I DO take it personally: C'mon, Porteños... Clean up yer goddam act....
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

C'mon, Porteños... Clean up yer goddam act....


porteños - as buenos aires residents are known - are passionate about their fútbol AND their hooliganism, but shooting little old ladies and middle-aged men, both innocent bystanders, is outrageous... it's only a F%*!@&^G GAME...!
An 85-year-old woman and 55-year-old man were shot when Boca Junior fans fought among themselves before their team's match against Argentinos Juniors Sunday, an emergency services official said.

The woman, who had nothing to do with the supporters, was hit in the leg while the man suffered a serious head injury after he was also shot, Alberto Cresenti told the TN cable news channel.

The latest bout of Argentine football violence broke out near Boca's Bombonera stadium, situated in a working-class district just south of the center, around four hours before kick off.

Media reports said rival factions of the Boca supporters group known as The 12 clashed in an area of fast food restaurants known as Parque Lezama.

During the fighting, at least one man opened fire and four or five shots were heard, local media said. More than 100 people were reported to be involved in the fighting. Six were arrested.

It was the second successive week that rival factions of The 12 have fought before a game. Last week, dozens were arrested during a pitched battle before the game away to Independiente.

i love the argentines, but this particular tendency needs to be stamped out...

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