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And, yes, I DO take it personally: How would you like it if Argentina announced the possibility of future "economic instability" in the US?
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

How would you like it if Argentina announced the possibility of future "economic instability" in the US?


even if it's true...?

it's stunning to me how the u.s. can make sweeping pronouncements about other countries but won't bother to look in the mirror...

from al jazeera...

The Argentinian government has angrily criticised Leon Panetta, the new director of the CIA, for warning of a potential economic crisis in the country.

Leon Panetta, CIA Director

The country's foreign ministry summoned the US ambassador to Buenos Aires "to explain the lamentable statements" made by Panetta earlier this week, describing them as "unacceptable interference" in its affairs.

Panetta told reporters on Wednesday he had been informed that the US would have to pay more attention to Latin America because of "some serious problems … that involve economic instability".

The CIA chief later said the concerns "particularly involved Argentina, Ecuador, and Venezuela".

But Jorge Taiana, the Argentinian foreign minister, said at a news conference on Thursday that such remarks were "irresponsible, unfounded and do not show respect".

Jorge Taiana, the Argentinian foreign minister

"It is an unacceptable interference in our internal affairs," he said.

"This isn't the view of the country expressed in our dialogues with representatives of the [US] State Department and numerous members of the two main parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate."

He said Earl Wayne, the US ambassador, would be asked to explain Panetta's statements on Friday.

what such a pronouncement does once more is to reinforce the all-too-prevalent image of argentina in the minds of most u.s. citizens as some sort of third-world backwater... since i live there part-time, i can definitely attest to the fact that it's not...

is there a possibility of economic unrest in argentina...? hell, yes... given its history and current state of affairs, there's ALWAYS a possibility of economic unrest in argentina but, fercryinoutloud, do we have to get up on our bloody pulpit, shake our paternalistic, condescending finger as though we were somehow pure as the driven snow, and rub their face in it, particularly when they obviously weren't consulted...? does ANYONE in our government have the ability to see things from another country's perspective...? can you imagine the uproar in the u.s. if ANY other country made a pronouncement like this about the u.s...?

i had much higher - but obviously misplaced - hopes for the obama administration...

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