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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Election Day 2008
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 2008

so, today is the big day... easily the most important election of my lifetime... i'm still not sure about obama but i've chosen to suspend my concerns and focus on what i believe in, which is goodness and love and light, and trust that sending that kind of energy out into the cosmos is ever so much more constructive than sending doubt and fear...

nevada has voting by fax, so my ballot arrived almost three weeks ago while i was still in jordan via my fax number which delivers to my email inbox... i completed it and faxed it back... i asked for a receipt confirmation which i got, so i know now that my vote got counted... when i was still in reno and setting this up at the washoe county election office, i found out, much to my dismay, that the absentee ballot i priority mailed via correo argentino in 2006 never arrived... sigh... i knew at the time i should probably have sent it via dhl...

afghanistan is going great... in chatting online with some folks here before arriving, i started getting these warm and fuzzy feelings, and, as the plane was on approach to the kabul airport and i was looking out the window at the city below, i experienced a great rush of affection for the place and felt really glad to be coming back... that was topped off by the wedding i attended that evening and then the extremely warm welcome i got from everybody here at the office... it's weird... never in my life would have i imagined that afghanistan would come to occupy a special place in my heart... it's definitely a really tough and dangerous environment but the afghans are some pretty great folks, and, yeah, they have their share of crooks, liars and generally all-around yucky people just like everywhere else...

i haven't been able to upload the video clips i took at the wedding to youtube but below are a couple of photos taken at the wedding hall both outside and inside... if the outside looks like a vegas casino to you, you will have gotten exactly the same impression i got when i saw such places on my first visit...

here's a link to a photo gallery on the website of the hotel where i'm staying here in kabul... it's part of a chain owned and operated by the extensive business interests of the aga khan...

Afghan Wedding Hall (outside)

Afghan Wedding Hall (inside)

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