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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Oil Corruption, Who Knew?
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oil Corruption, Who Knew?

More shocking than gov't/coprorate corruption:it cost 5.3 million to prove it.
Imagine what we don't know.

Gov't officials probed about illicit sex, gifts

WASHINGTON -Government officials handling billions of dollars in oil royalties partied, had sex with and accepted golf and ski outings from employees of energy companies they were dealing with, federal investigators said Wednesday.
The alleged transgressions involve 13 former and current Interior Department employees in Denver and Washington. Their alleged improprieties include rigging contracts, working part-time as private oil consultants, and having sexual relationships with — and accepting golf and ski trips and dinners from — oil company employees, according to three reports released Wednesday by the Interior Department's inspector general.

The reports describe a fraternity house atmosphere (emphasis added, for Jolly Roger)inside the Denver Minerals Management Service office responsible for marketing oil and natural gas that energy companies barter to the government in lieu of cash royalty payments for drilling on federal lands. The government received $4.3 billion in such royalty-in-kind payments last year. The oil and gas is then resold to energy companies or put in the nation's emergency stockpile.

Fraternity House Atmosphere. Makes sense if you have an ex-frat boy at the helm.
"During the course of our investigation, we learned that some RIK employees frequently consumed alcohol at industry functions, had used cocaine and marijuana, and had sexual relationships with oil and gas company representatives," the report said. Two government employees who had to spend the night after a daytime industry function because they were too intoxicated to drive home were commonly referred to by energy traders as the "MMS Chicks."
Between 2002 and 2006, nearly a third of the 55-person staff in the Denver office received gifts and gratuities from oil and gas companies, including Chevron Corp., Shell, Hess Corp. and Denver-based Gary-Williams Energy Corp., the investigators found. Two oil marketers received gifts and gratuities on at least 135 occasions. One admitted having a one-night-stand with a Shell employee. That same individual allegedly passed out business cards for her sex toy business at work, bragging that her income from that business exceeded her salary at the Interior Department.
Devaney said the investigations took so long because Chevron refused to cooperate. An Interior Department official said Chevron would not allow investigators to interview its employees.

I haven't posted for a while because of all the election irritation. It's depressing. Both candidates are corporate flunkies, but McCain's record is a rap sheet that certainly is yards longer than Obama.
I still can't bring myself to vote for either of them.
So, I decided to at least contribute to the overall cause of spreading information on the overall corruption of our Federal Constitutional Republic.
This article is just another in a long series of Republican perversion and corruption, while they are actively campaigning to their social conservative base.
It would be funny, if it was unique.
It's not, and it's one reason why I left the Repub. party years ago.
And by the way, my friends overseas really think the gun-toting tart in the flag bikini is not the image you want for a V.P.
I agree, but the picture is hot. I guess I'm still partly a Republican. My apologies.

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