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And, yes, I DO take it personally: A Call To Action
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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Call To Action

This message needs to be spread.

Almost everyone has heard, or read about, some of the traitorous and treasonous things Hanoi Johnny did while he was a SOB POW in Hanoi. Articles by Phillip Butler, and others that were POWs at the same time as McCain are troubling, to say the least.

This is the latest, dug up by AlterNet.

Republicans Allege McCain Covered Up His Collaboration with the North Vietnamese While a POW

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet. Posted September 21, 2008.

Allegations resurface that McCain made propaganda statements and tried to keep Viet Cong records about him classified.

1992 video featuring a Republican senator, Republican congressman and top Capitol Hill staffers who worked on Vietnam prisoner of war and missing in action issues say John McCain collaborated with North Vietnamese while a POW, and then covered up that involvement to the detriment of POW/MIA families seeking access to classified Pentagon records about their own family members.

The video raises probing questions about the 2008 Republican presidential nominee's war record, especially after McCain made his captivity a major part of his qualifications for the presidency at the Republican National Convention. In 2004, the GOP focused on Democratic nominee John Kerry's war record to criticize his candidacy.

To date, the video has been posted on a handful of blogs but has been ignored by the mainstream media. While it features Republican stalwarts on POW/MIA issues, it also suggests that McCain's war records at the Pentagon and in North Vietnam would reveal potentially very controversial details about the GOP's presidential candidate.

Watch the video.

It is imperative that we all spread this message to as many as possible. Post it on your Blog or Website, send a link of this post, or the following URL link to everyone in your address book, and tell everyone you talk to about it.

We need to demand to see these records, or have him explain why we shouldn't see them. By spreading this message far and wide, it will apply pressure on the MSM to get to the bottom of this. The only thing the MSM hates as much as losing advertising revenue, is the public perception that the bloggers have 'scooped' them on a story.

Do it now!

Cross-posted at the Blog of Revelation.

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