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And, yes, I DO take it personally: A tale of seven headlines, Afghanistan, al Qaeda, and media falsehood
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

A tale of seven headlines, Afghanistan, al Qaeda, and media falsehood

mccleans canada...

Afghan intelligence chief says Karzai assassination plot hatched in Pakistan

canada east...

Afghan intelligence chief says Karzai assassination plot hatched in Pakistan

khaleej times...

Afghans link Karzai murder plan to Pakistan

associate press...

Afghans link Karzai assassination plan to Pakistan

kuwait times...

Karzai assassination plan hatched in Pakistan soil


'Pakistan militants plotted Karzai ambush'

ah, but THEN there's the new york times...

Afghans See Link to Qaeda in Plot to Shoot Karzai [emphasis added]

for somewhat obvious reasons, i'm paying closer attention to what's going on in afghanistan than i might otherwise... we received a security warning yesterday about the shoot-out that was going on with this crowd of "pakistani militants" over in the northwest section of the city... not long after, amrullah suleh made this statement...
"We have no evidence whether ... the operation has had any mercy or go-ahead from the government of Pakistan and (its) special agencies," Saleh told reporters in Kabul. "There (is) very, very strong evidence suggesting that Pakistan's soil once again has been used to inflict pain on our nation." The militants involved in the weekend plot were in phone contact with people in Pakistan's Bajaur and North Waziristan tribal areas and the main northwestern city of Peshawar, he said.

did you see any mention of al qaeda there? good... neither did i...

amrullah suleh has a very dirty rep which i won't go into right now because i don't have any facts together, but i do know that there is a great deal of suspicion of pakistan and the pakistani government here, and, from what i can tell, for very good reason... i have heard it speculated that the serena hotel bombing was carried out by agents of pakistan's isi rather than the taliban... for one thing, it was a very technical, highly coordinated, and quite sophisticated operation, unlike anything the taliban could have carried out... but the ever-toadying u.s. press, led by water-carriers like the nyt, slavishly follow the administration line and link everything to al qaeda...

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