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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Oferchrissake...MORE tax breaks for big business...? Pardon me, but SCREW big business...!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oferchrissake...MORE tax breaks for big business...? Pardon me, but SCREW big business...!

when joe and julia, jose and juanita, and hamid and fatima take a financial dive, who the hell jumps in to bail them out...? there's an easy, one-word answer to that question... nobody... but you can be goddam sure that if a business controlled by the powerful, already super-rich elites loses even the slightest bit of altitude, there will be dozens of congressmen and senators lining up to give 'em a hand...
The Senate proclaimed a fierce bipartisan resolve two weeks ago to help American homeowners in danger of foreclosure. But while a bill that senators approved last week would take modest steps toward that goal, it would also provide billions of dollars in tax breaks — for automakers, airlines, alternative energy producers and other struggling industries, as well as home builders.

The tax provisions of the Foreclosure Prevention Act, which consumer groups and labor leaders say amount to government handouts to big business, show how the credit crisis, while rattling the housing and financial markets, has created beneficiaries in the power corridors of Washington.

It also shows how legislation with a populist imperative offers a chance for lobbyists to press their clients’ interests.

i don't often lapse into unbridled crudity, but i say fuck 'em... it's about time that the poor, hard-working slobs who do the REAL grunt work of our country - and, for that matter, of every goddam country around the globe - get their share, and that our so-called public servants remember just who the hell it is that they're supposed to be there to serve...

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