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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Why you don't see much of Dennis in the media
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why you don't see much of Dennis in the media

courtesy of brasscheck tv...


Dangerous ideas

Kucinich got a chance to participate in some debates, but overall the US news media has iced him out.

Little or no coverage, not-so-subtle ridicule, exclusion from many of the televised debates.


Just listen to what he has to say:

* He voted against the Patriot Act,
* He's pro-union
* He's against "new world order" trade agreements like NAFTA
* He's against military intervention overseas and
* He is pushing for Bush's IMMEDIATE impeachment.

In other words, he's someone who represents the citizens of the US, not its corporations and criminal/government class.

brasscheck tv adds this note...
(Note: I'm not endorsing or not endorsing Kucinich. This was the best Kucinich video I found and it happened to have campaign information in the footer.)

p.s. i wish wolf would just go away...

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