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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Global outrage forces Israel to ease up on Gaza siege
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Global outrage forces Israel to ease up on Gaza siege

ignoring the flood of people from around the world signing petitions and screaming their heads off about the evil of collective punishment, we're supposed to think that CONDI's the one who got 'em to pull back...? cripes...
Israel resumed fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip's main power plant on Tuesday, offering limited respite from a blockade that plunged much of the Hamas-ruled territory into darkness and touched off international protests.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she had voiced her concerns to Israel, which has argued that sealing the borders could make the Palestinians stop rocket salvoes.

"Nobody wants innocent Gazans to suffer and so we have spoken to the Israelis about the importance of not allowing a humanitarian crisis to unfold there," Rice told reporters traveling with her to Berlin for a meeting on Iran.

nothing tops the arrogance of this statement...
"Our approach now is to assess what is acutely lacking, and permit imports on that basis," Israeli Defence Ministry spokesman Shlomo Dror said.

let that last sink in for just a moment...

imagine that you and your spouse have a small family, two kids let's say, and that you live close to the border of a country through which everything you depend on just to exist from day-to-day must come, and worse yet, that your income is largely dependent on what you can sell on the other side of that border... your country and the country on the other side of the border have fought with each other for over half a century and there seems to be no end in sight... you know there are those in your country who engage in criminal and murderous behavior in the name of fighting their "enemy", but you just want to provide for your family... because you are completely surrounded by the enemy country and only have limited resources on your seacoast, you are 100% dependent on how your enemy decides to control your common border... furthermore, you are not in control of the outlaws in your society who are deliberately provoking the country across the border, who decides, in retaliation, to close the border, effectively cutting off everything you and your family need to live - food, water, medicine, electricity, gasoline, everything... you can no longer use your car, your food shelves are nearly bare, there is raw sewage flowing in the streets, the electricity is off, you are running out of candles, the food in the refrigerator is spoiling, and you are praying that none of you gets sick or has an accident requiring urgent care...

what's wrong with this picture...?

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