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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Got Fomentation?
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Got Fomentation?

This crap won't stop till Iran smolders.

Iranian sabotage delayed Indian launch of Israeli

The successful launch on Monday of an advanced Israeli satellite was delayed in recent months by Iranian sabotage, The Jerusalem Post has learned from Western sources.

The TecSar satellite - developed and manufactured by Israel
Aerospace Industries (IAI) - was supposed to be launched in September, on the heels of the June launch of the Ofek-7 spy satellite.

Its deployment will dramatically increase Israel's intelligence-gathering capabilities regarding the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, since the satellite can transmit images in all weather conditions, a capability that Israel's existing satellites lacked.

According to assessments recently received, Iran learned of the TecSar's planned deployment from the media and has since applied heavy pressure through Indian opposition parties - particularly the Muslim and Communist political factions - to prevent the launch.

Teheran's attempts to sabotage the operation may demonstrate concerns over Israel's advancing intelligence capabilities. "The Iranians are scared of the potential this new satellite will bring Israel," a Western defense official had said earlier. "They are doing everything they can to prevent its launch."


On Monday morning the satellite lifted off atop an Indian Polar Satellite
Launch Vehicle [PSLV] from the satellite launch pad in Sriharikata.

"The TECSAR is the first satellite of its kind developed in Israel, and ranks among the world's most advanced space systems," the IAI said in a statement. The development and launching of the satellite cost tens of millions of dollars; within two weeks it will begin transmitting images to an IAI ground station in Yehud.

Lemee see, Western Sources? Western Defense Officials?.......... Hmmmmm, wonder who that could be? Can anyone help me out here?

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