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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Tax Evaders Hit M.S.M.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tax Evaders Hit M.S.M.

ProfMarcus posted an earlier report on these folks in NH. I am pleasantly surprised that the MSM has actually picked up the story.
This whole income tax argument is complicated, however, one of the fundamental ideas is that income tax violates the constitution since it is a direct, un-apportioned tax.
There is merit to this argument, but in 1913 the gov't decided that the tax was OK, under somewhat dubious arguments and circumstances. It was the Solicitor General of the IRS that rendered the deciding opinion. That alone is suspicious.
Since then the courts have upheld the income tax "laws" via precedent.
It needs to be revisited by the courts and these folks might just get it there.
Story from ABC via AOL News.

Couple Holed Up in House Over Tax Dispute
Claims There Is No Law Requiring Them to Pay
ABC News
Posted: 2007-06-19 00:43:49
(June 19) - Calling the federal agents surrounding his fortified compound "guns for hire," a New Hampshire man convicted of tax evasion vowed today that he and his wife would fight U.S. marshals to the death if they tried to capture them.

"Do not under any circumstances make any attempt on this land. We will not accept any tomfoolery by any criminal element, be it federal, state or local," said Ed Brown in a press conference from the stoop of his concrete-clad home in Plainfield, N.H. "We either walk out of here free or we die."

Brown and his wife, Elaine, were sentenced in absentia in April to serve 63 months in prison for failing to pay more than $1 million in income tax.

The couple, however, insists that there is no law that requires citizens to pay income tax.

"There is no law. We looked and looked," Brown told the press.

Brown and his supporters, including Randy Weaver, leader of the 1992 standoff with ATF agents at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, told the press that the government has unlawfully tricked people into believing they have to pay income tax, knowing full well that such a law would be unconstitutional.

"I'd rather die on my feet right here than die on my knees under this de facto government," he said. "Bring it on."

Despite months of surveillance and reports of agents hiding in the woods of the couple's 110-acre compound, U.S. marshals said this morning that the Brown's Plainfield, N.H., home was not surrounded by their officers.

U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier made an effort to starkly contrast the actions of the Marshals with those of the ATF agents who besieged Ruby Ridge in 1992. In addition to Weaver's son, one federal agent was killed in that incident.

"There is no standoff and the house is not surrounded." Monier told ABC "We have no intention of assaulting the house or engaging in a violent confrontation."
Since failing to appear in court the couple has remained within the concrete-fortified walls of their rural New Hampshire home.

Monier said the Marshals have been communicating with the couple in an effort to get them to turn themselves over the federal authorities without having to resort to the use of force.
Last week agents cut off the home's telephone, Internet and power access. Monier said the couple most likely had generators -- possibly solar or wind powered -- but that eventually the Browns would become uncomfortable enough in their isolation that they would be forced to surrender.

Keep in mind, this is all over not paying taxes. These folks haven't committed any violent crime against any other person.

"They probably have generators but those will soon need fuel and need people to fix them. We want to continue to encourage them, and make it uncomfortable enough for them that they'll give up."

Brown said he and his wife had enough supplies to wait out the government no matter how long it lasted. He said the couple did not use air conditioning and could chop down trees from firewood.

Last week, Danny Riley a friend of the Browns was arrested near their home by federal agents while walking the couple's dog.

The Marshals claim they were engaged in routine surveillance of the property, but the Browns believe Riley thwarted a potential raid.

Unfortunately, you can't win against the IRS. Maybe that's the real indicator that the law needs to be re-examined. All this time, resources and money spent to punish these folks. I bet the million bucks they owe has already been spent, and then some, on this operation.
Could this really be about the Gov't having control over citizens, not about paying taxes?
The family friend, Riley, was arrested while walking the dog, yet, the lead agent says the property isn't surrounded. Hmmm, interesting. Also, why arrest a guy for walking the dog? Ask him questions, yes, but arrest him?
Randy Weaver is no saint, but he has enough celebrity to make sure that the Feds. won't repeat their incompetence at Ruby Ridge. Hopefully these folks won't die of old age before the case gets to the Supreme Court and the tax law will get a real, open review.

I forgot to mention when I first posted this, that Mrs. Brown is a dentist that owns her office building. It has additional rental properties in it and is appraised at just over $800,000.
Why doesn't the IRS just seize it and sell it? Again, hmmm, interesting.

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