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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Dodging The "D" Word
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dodging The "D" Word

More good news for our troops and their families. NeoCons are still dodging the draft at the cost of loyal Americans.
Little Georgy might be securing his power to declare martial law in fear of our military and their families rising up against him once he does this to them.
The latest from the A.P.

Army Considers Longer Combat Tours Again
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The Army is considering whether it will have to extend the combat tours of troops in Iraq if President Bush opts to maintain the recent buildup of forces through spring 2008.

IF, If that power drunk traitor decides to extend tours? I guess the few allies he has left in Congress told him to avoid talk of a Draft at all costs.
Acting Army Secretary Pete Geren testified Tuesday that the service is reviewing other options, including relying more heavily on Army reservists or Navy and Air Force personnel, so as not to put more pressure on a stretched active-duty force.
"It's too early to look into the next year, but for the Army we have to begin to plan," Geren told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "We have to look into our options."

Gen. David Petraeus, Iraq war commander, suggested Sunday that conditions on the ground might not be stable enough by September to justify a drop in force levels, and he predicted that stabilizing Iraq could take a decade.(emphasis added)

Dirty traitors. Laying the ground work to continue with the "Stay the Course" plan past September.
There are about 156,000 U.S. troops in Iraq.

When asked by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., whether maintaining the force buildup would affect soldiers' 15-month combat schedules, Geren said he was unsure and cited "numerous options" available, including a "different utilization of the Guard and Reserve" and relying on the other services for help.
The Army assessment comes as Democrats say they are already frustrated with the existing policy.

B.F.D.! The Democrats already fell in line with their NeoCon masters. Spoiled frustrated little children. They are traitors too.
In case you haven't noticed, my comments are becoming more and more inflamed.
I am reaching the end of my rope with this bunch down in DC.
And still, through all of this, the Soldiers fight on. Just like Viet Nam.
Who among us fight for them, while their blood flows for the NeoCons?

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