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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Recommending that Congress sue Bush to stop him from trashing the Constitution...?
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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Recommending that Congress sue Bush to stop him from trashing the Constitution...?

it could happen...

i posted a month and a half ago that the american bar association was launching an investigation into bush's potential abuse of the constitution through his use of signing statements...

The ABA's president, Michael Greco, said in an interview that he proposed the task force because he believes the scope and aggressiveness of Bush's signing statements may raise serious constitutional concerns.

evidently, as a result of the inquiry, the aba is poised to recommend a pretty heavy-duty step...
Now, U.S. News has learned, an American Bar Association task force is set to suggest even stronger action. In a report to be released Monday, the task force will recommend that Congress pass legislation providing for some sort of judicial review of the signing statements. Some task force members want to simply give Congress the right to sue over the signing statements; other task force members will not characterize what sort of judicial review might ultimately emerge.

To mount a legal case, a person or group must have been granted "standing," or the right to file a lawsuit. Current law does not grant members of Congress such a right, and recent Supreme Court decisions have denied it in all but very exceptional cases. But Congress could consider bypassing that hurdle by writing a law to give its members the right to sue, a resolution in the task force's report declares, a source familiar with the task force report told U.S. News.

The resolution cannot become official aba policy without approval from the group's legislative body, scheduled to meet in Hawaii next month.

if the task force thinks that what's happening is so serious that it ends up recommending congress pass legislation giving its members the right to sue, that's some major shit...

every day, the walls close in a little bit more on bushco, but, no matter... they're still there, barricaded in the white house, trashing our country just as fast as they can...

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