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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Bush defends Bolton - Why? Cuz the Bush administration has to get its way on EVERYTHING
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bush defends Bolton - Why? Cuz the Bush administration has to get its way on EVERYTHING

Bush Called Bolton "A Good Man" and Stands by Nominee

so says steve clemons...
Bush's team is trying to make this about White House infallibility. It's sad that the White House can't step back and study the many reasons why there is so much national indigestion about the Bolton nomination.

i might be tempted to disbelieve some of the stuff that's coming out about bolton but after years in the corporate environment and a recent total immersion in usaid in a "developing economy," i don't find any of the allegations surprising... i've run across a distressing number of senior execs who were extremely abusive and had been rewarded for it right along...

i apologize in advance for this pic... it's not meant to denigrate or to riff off of oklahoma city, 9/11, belgrade, or anywhere else... what it does illustrate quite nicely is bolton's quote to the effect that the u.n. headquarters in nyc could be missing the top ten floors and nobody would notice... (be sure to note the somewhat-altered name of rupert murdoch's outfit engraved on the stone...)

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