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And, yes, I DO take it personally: 32,000 people
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Friday, November 18, 2011

32,000 people

say it slowly... let it roll around in your mouth and your consciousness... savor it...


Hundreds of demonstrators were arrested across the United States in confrontations with police on the two-month anniversary of the Occupy movement.

Police said they arrested 177 people who crowded intersections near the New York Stock Exchange Thursday morning, The Wall Street Journal reported. They later arrested 99 more who tried to block access to the Brooklyn Bridge.

About 32,000 people massed near Wall Street and elsewhere in New York to mark two months since the Occupy movement began.

In Los Angeles, police in riot gear faced protesters in the financial district, resulting in 72 arrests, some of people who pitched tents in the middle of a busy downtown street. Occupy LA protesters, encamped outside City Hall for nearly seven weeks, also took over a plaza outside the Bank of America Center for several hours until police arrived.

The incident prompted several local and national labor unions to call on the city to let the protesters stay, saying the bank plaza was a "more fitting target" for Occupy LA.

there's an evolution in progress for the occupy movement... i've seen it coming ever since it started when it became clear to me that that the half-life of occupying public space with tents was both short and simply not sustainable, at least not in today's police state... what the evolution is going to look like is anybody's guess but my most fervent desire is that it will continue to grow... right now, i think things could go either way... it might grow and, sad to say, it might die... speaking for myself, i can't imagine going back to a state of numbed-out, barely conscious, ever-increasing marginalization...

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