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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Using our "allies" as proxy jailers and proxy torturers
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Using our "allies" as proxy jailers and proxy torturers

so, sez the bush administration, WE don't torture and WE HAVEN'T SENT people to custody in OTHER COUNTRIES where they torture... everything's just fine and dandy... trust us... would we lie to you...?
A human rights group said Tuesday that the CIA transferred at least 14 terror suspects to Jordan for interrogation after September 11.

Human Rights Watch said in a new report that the U.S. ally in the Mideast served as a proxy jailer for the CIA until at least 2004.

"The Bush administration claims that it has not transferred people to foreign custody for abusive interrogation," said Joanne Mariner, the group's terrorism and counterterrorism director. "But we've documented more than a dozen cases in which prisoners were sent to Jordan for torture."

It said its 36-page report was based mainly on information from former Jordanian prisoners who had been detained with non-Jordanian terrorism suspects.

The group charged that Jordan commonly tortured suspects with extended beatings on the soles of their feet.

look... i totally believe that you lie through your teeth, incessantly and compulsively... MY question is this... can you point to even ONE single instance when you've told the truth...?

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