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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Dick Cheney - need I say more?
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Friday, February 29, 2008

Dick Cheney - need I say more?

as y'all know, i'm not into pushing books, movies, or products... occasionally, when something has made a particular impact on me, i'll post something here... today is one of those days...

alternet enters the mad, mad world of book publishing...

A wickedly funny faux-children's biography recounts Young Dick Cheney’s youthful lust for guns, oil, and the girl of his dreams.

He was born among the big skies and cow pies of the Great American West. And yet from these humble beginnings, he would grow to become the most famous, most powerful Dick ever to inhabit the Vice Presidency. In this often shocking, frequently touching, clearly unauthorized biography, faux journalists Bruce Kluger and David Slavin (National Public Radio) reveal the inspiring and sometimes even true story of Richard B. Cheney—frontiersman, freedom fighter, fatty. Meticulously reported (including a footnote!) and lushly illustrated by renegade artist Tim Foley, this unprecedented, spell-checked triumph of painstaking conjecture brings to life the Dick nobody knows: a secretive yet sensitive boy from Wyoming with a shoot-from-the-hip, shoot-in-the-face style all his own. From his mischievous boyhood friendships, to his high-octane high school romance with the one girl who knew what made Dick tick, Young Dick Cheney: Great American is destined to be cherished by patriots and Democrats alike—a book that will captivate readers everywhere for months to come.

ok... just to keep things completely off-balance, here's lewis black's take on dick cheney... (if this doesn't have you rolling on the floor, i'm afraid there's no hope for you...)

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