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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Saturday photoblogging... [UPDATE]
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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday photoblogging... [UPDATE]

last night, the snow came down very hard and very fast, the wind blew a gale, my son shoveled the driveway twice, and there was nearly a foot before bedtime, at which time the stars came out, we lost power for about four hours, and i went to sleep after blowing out a candle... (remember, folks, this is the high DESERT of NEVADA, on the western edge of the great basin, just east of the sierra foothills...)

i rolled out of bed about 6:30 this morning, shook myself awake, and headed out about 6:45, shovel in hand... i got the driveway cleared almost all the way down to the street where each shovel-full became increasingly heavier due to the "slush factor..." (anyone who's ever lived in snow country can tell you what that means...) it was at that point my son came out and i gladly handed him the shovel to finish the last of it, while i grabbed my camera... i snapped a few shots, and headed back in for morning coffee... for an old fart, it's a VERY invigorating way to start the day...!

7:30 a.m.

notice how much snow had already accumulated on the portion of the driveway i had already shoveled...

10:15 a.m.

it stopped snowing about 9 a.m., the sun came out, the clouds almost disappeared, and the sky was intensely blue... as you can barely see in the upper right corner of the photo above, the clouds had already started to roll back in by 10... now, it's 2:25 p.m., it's been snowing hard again for the past hour, and they're calling for another foot on top of the almost three we already have...... i'm going to wait for a while yet before heading back out to tackle the driveway - AGAIN...

naturally, CALIFORNIA gets all the goddam headlines... < sigh >


< gasp > it's 4 p.m. and i just finished shoveling almost 4 more inches off the driveway... that makes 4 times in the past 18 hours, two for me and two for my son... in one of life's ironies, our next-door neighbor, who works for the national weather service, was out shoveling his driveway for the nth time too... he worked the midnight shift last night and had one hell of a time getting back and forth to work... the good news is that it's stopped snowing - for now...

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