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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Katrina - the never-ending disaster (
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Katrina - the never-ending disaster (

levee breaches in new orleans during hurricane katrina...

check what these high-schoolers are wanting to do about the scandalous cover-up by the corp of engineers......

a timely story in today's nyt...
If rebuilding anything in this storm-scarred place could possibly qualify as simple, surely it would be the administration building in City Park.

The two-story structure, built in 1992, does not have any of the features that can complicate restoring public buildings. No special historic, environmental, cultural or political significance. No history of poor maintenance or other damage (aside from the five feet of water that filled it after the levees failed). No need to be merged, moved or reimagined in response to changes after Hurricane Katrina.

Yet after almost two years of federal inspections and studies and reviews filling more than 90 pages, the administration building has been neither repaired nor replaced. And there are dozens of similarly incomplete projects at the park, hundreds in the city, thousands across the state of Louisiana.

In fact, the federal government has agreed to pay $2.3 billion so far for rebuilding Louisiana public works like schools, sewers and police stations. But so far, only $650 million — 28 percent — of that money has been spent. In Mississippi, only 27 percent has been spent of the $1.1 billion of federal tax dollars set aside to replace government infrastructure there.

i've posted a number of times on how i sat in front of the television in buenos aires, argentina, for days, watching the katrina disaster unfold, alternately sobbing and bellowing with rage at what i believe to have been a purposefully neglectful and incompetent response on the part of the bush administration... it's absolutely one of the most disgraceful things i have ever witnessed, and, over two years later, it's still a mess...

A New Orleans scene from August of last year

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