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And, yes, I DO take it personally: The UK's Serious Organized Crime Agency hasn't shared any info with Interpol about the recent failed terrorist attacks
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Monday, July 09, 2007

The UK's Serious Organized Crime Agency hasn't shared any info with Interpol about the recent failed terrorist attacks

The head of Interpol said Monday that Britain's anti-terrorist efforts are "in the wrong century," pointing out that authorities in London had not shared any information from the investigation of three failed car bomb attacks and had not made good use of a passport database.

"We have received not one name, not one fingerprint, not one telephone number, not one address, nothing, from the UK, about the recent thwarted terrorist attacks," Ronald Noble, Interpol's secretary general, said in an interview with British Broadcasting Corp. television.

"My view is that the U.K.'s anti-terrorist effort is in the wrong century," Noble said.

eyeball THESE stats...
Noble said Britain — like most countries — has so far failed to take advantage of Interpol's list of 7 million lost or stolen passports. However, he said Britain was now testing systems to access the database, and said he hoped that would be working within months.

Switzerland, he said, checks the database 300,000 times per month, and typically gets 100 hits on stolen or lost passports.

Britain now checks the database about 30 times a month, and the United States use it 80 times per month, he said.

absolutely unbelievable... the uk is only NOW "testing systems to access the database...?!?!" and check out which uk government office is responsible for liaison with interpol...
[A] Home Office spokesman said the Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) "as the U.K. arm of Interpol, consults Interpol databases and performs searches on behalf of U.K. law enforcement, in addition to which U.K. police forces have direct secure access to Interpol databases."

oh, yeah, they're SERIOUS, all right, about as serious as the u.s. who generates only 80 hits per month...

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