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And, yes, I DO take it personally: A day late and a dollar short, Mr. Hadley
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Monday, April 30, 2007

A day late and a dollar short, Mr. Hadley

(the above phrase offered with kind memories of my late grandmother...)

"war czar," my ass... and hadley's term, "implementation and execution manager," as just plain corporate-speak bullshit, is even worse...

Stephen J. Hadley would be the first to tell you he does not have star power. But Mr. Hadley, the bespectacled, gray-haired, exceedingly precise Washington lawyer who is President Bush’s national security adviser, is in the market for someone who does — with the hope of saving Iraq.

if this man approaches you about a job, run screaming in the other direction...

Mr. Hadley is interviewing candidates
, including military generals, for a new high-profile job that people in Washington are calling the war czar. The official (Mr. Hadley, ever cautious, prefers “implementation and execution manager”) would brief Mr. Bush every morning on Iraq and Afghanistan, then prod cabinet secretaries into carrying out White House orders.

hiring someone to look out for the horses after the barn door has been left open and all the horses have been gone for several years doesn't seem to me to be a good use of mr. hadley's time, but, hey...! what do i know...

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