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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Heightening the momentum and escalating the visibility - of IMPEACHMENT
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Heightening the momentum and escalating the visibility - of IMPEACHMENT

many lesser lights have called for gonzales' impeachment, but it's nice to see it moving up the visibility and credibility ladder...

robert kuttner in the boston globe...

It isn't enough to oust Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for his role in "Attorneygate," Congress should impeach him, Robert Kuttner writes in an op-ed published in Saturday's Boston Globe.

"Gonzales, the nation's highest legal officer, has been point man for serial assaults against the rule of law, most recently in the crude attempt to politicize criminal prosecutions," Kuttner argues. "Obstruction of a prosecution is a felony, even when committed by the attorney general."

Aside from his role in the firing of eight US attorneys, which "had multiple political motives, all contrary to longstanding practice," Kuttner writes, "[t]here are several other reasons to remove Gonzales, all involving his cavalier contempt for courts and liberties of citizens, most recently in the FBI's more than 3,000 cases of illegal snooping on Americans."

congress is going to have to cross this bridge sooner or later... it's inevitable... i really don't want to see an impeachment process swing into action because of the firestorm of invective and accusations of partisanship that would be unleashed, but...
[A]n impeachment inquiry could be completed in a matter of months. The White House, knowing the stakes, would find it much harder to stonewall. And Gonzales might well be asked to resign rather than exposing the administration to more possible evidence of illegality.

my daily - if not hourly - prayer is that there will be a revelation of such magnitude that it will bring down the entire administration... you know and i know there's at least one, and very likely many more than one, out there...

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