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And, yes, I DO take it personally: We can't move on until we know what it is we're moving on FROM
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"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
- Noam Chomsky
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

We can't move on until we know what it is we're moving on FROM

i've struggled most of my life with what i have often been made to feel is an almost obsessive preoccupation with everything that's WRONG... needless to say, given the happenings of the past six years, i confess to having been particularly obsessed... this feeling of guilt is only compounded when i see many of my esteemed colleagues (and i'm speaking of many of those who appear regularly on progressive weblogs) throwing themselves unreservedly into efforts designed to make things better... for most of those folks, that takes the form of political activism, working like trojans to accomplish a democratic resurgence and putting a stop to the criminals in bushco... hopefully, in less than a week and a half, we will harvest some of the fruits of their efforts... but, this morning, lying in bed, listening to the soft rain falling, floating in that mellow, quiet time between sleep and wakefulness, before the full-blown consciousness of the day kicked in, i had a major realization...

in my teaching and from my own experience, i know that real progress, real accomplishment, real achievement of any future vision, can only happen when the full dimensions and truths about present reality are fully grasped and understood... my life's work has been devoted to helping that to happen, to help create a sufficient critical mass of people who understand what IS, so that it becomes possible to make our way to the CAN BE... what troubles me deeply, and what is keeping me from focusing my energy on the CAN BE, is my profound belief that, collectively, we are not yet anywhere close to fully apprehending the gravity and scope of what IS, which means that the efforts to put the CAN BE in place will only serve to perpetuate many of the deeply flawed parts of the what IS...

i do not in any way disparage the work of my colleagues... their work is critical and invaluable... any forward movement is not only welcome but essential... what i desire with all my heart, however, is that we learn the full truth of our present reality, and, the sooner, the better... there has been a lot coming to light, much more so than i would have believed possible just a few short years ago, but, i suspect there is many times more still to learn... it is essential that we find out the truth, ALL of it... we can't hope to create the kind of world we all so desperately want if we don't... so, i will continue to lay out pieces of the current reality puzzle as i see them and, maybe, just maybe, the rest of the pieces will soon fall into place...

p.s. apologies for the high-concept stream of consciousness... hopefully, there will be one (or maybe even both) of my readers who will have the foggiest notion of what i'm trying to say... :)

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