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And, yes, I DO take it personally: From the pulpit of the Divine Church of I've Got Mine, the WSJ dispenses THE TRUTH
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"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
- Noam Chomsky
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Monday, August 07, 2006

From the pulpit of the Divine Church of I've Got Mine, the WSJ dispenses THE TRUTH

this piece of garbage from the wsj is so supremely arrogant and so abysmally wrong, nothing i or anyone else can say would suffice...
[Lamont] does have one issue, and it is Iraq. He grasps little of the complexities of his issue, but then this, too, is true of the genus of the peace candidate. Peace candidates know only one thing, and that is why people vote for them. I know the type well.


{When] people like Joe Lieberman emerged, muscular on defense, assertive in foreign policy, genuinely liberal on social and economic matters, but not doctrinaire on regulatory issues. He had marched for civil rights and is committed to an equal opportunity agenda with equal opportunity results. He has qualms about affirmative action. But who, in his hearts of hearts, does not? He is appalled by the abysmal standards of our popular culture and our public discourse. Who really loves our popular culture--or, at least, which parent? He is thoroughly a Democrat. But Mr. Lieberman believes that, in an age of communal and global stress, one would do well to speak with the president (even, on rare occasion, speak well of him) and compromise with him on urgent matters of practical law.

Yes, Mr. Lieberman sometimes sounds a bit treacly. He certainly is preachy, and advertises his sense of his own righteousness. But he has also been brave, and bravery is a rare trait in politicians, especially in states that are really true-blue or, for that matter, really true-red. The blogosphere Democrats, whose victory Mr. Lamont's will be if Mr. Lamont wins, have made Iraq the litmus test for incumbents. There are many reasonable, and even correct, reproofs that one may have for the conduct of the war. They are, to be sure, all retrospective. But one fault cannot be attributed to the U.S., and that is that we are on the wrong side. We are at war in a just cause, to protect the vulnerable masses of the country from the helter-skelter ideological and religious mass-murderers in their midst. Our enemies are not progressive peasants as was imagined three and four decades ago.

If Mr. Lieberman goes down, the thought-enforcers of the left will target other centrists as if the center was the locus of a terrible heresy, an emphasis on national strength. Of course, they cannot touch Hillary Clinton, who lists rightward and then leftward so dexterously that she eludes positioning. Not so Mr. Lieberman. He does not camouflage his opinions. He does not play for safety, which is why he is now unsafe.

to say that this wsj pseudo-intellectual doesn't get it is perhaps the understatment of the century... i believe it was the nyt that used a three-syllable word that completely sums up precisely why joe lieberman should not be returned to the senate - ENABLER... lieberman has sat by actively cheered from the sidelines while george bush and his criminal posse have trashed the united states of america... iraq is just ONE of the ways bush has pissed on everything we stand for... and it ain't the "thought-enforcers of the left" that are bringing down a "centrist..." lieberman's bringing HIMSELF down by being completely out of touch with what's REALLY happened to his own country while he's been busy sucking up to power... THAT'S why he's gotta go... and, ferchrissakes, lamont is NOT A PEACE CANDIDATE...! he's a REAL CANDIDATE, as opposed to one made out of papier-mâché...

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