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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Matthew Yglesias is masquerading as a progressive Democrat
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Matthew Yglesias is masquerading as a progressive Democrat

i have one word for you, matt... bullshit...
[W]hat's with Harry Reid saying George W. Bush is "the worst president this country has ever had" or Hillary Clinton's similar claim that he's "one of the worst" in American history? On domestic policy, he's certainly been a bad president in the sense that I would gladly prefer Al Gore or John Kerry or Howard Dean or Joe Lieberman or Wesley Clark or Russ Feingold or pretty much whomever you like. He's somewhat worse than, say, his father. But somewhat better than Ronald Reagan.

george w. bush and his cohorts have perpetrated a stealth coup d'etat on the united states and matthew thinks george is "somewhat better than Ronald Reagan..." friggin' unbelievable...
Here's what they're talking about. They know the base is furious with Bush and they want to placate the base with occassional spurts of strident rhetoric in order to distract attention from the fact that they, like Bush, are on the wrong side of the most important issue facing the country. I think Reid's done a good job, generally, as Minority Leader and wish him well. But I also hope liberals won't fall for this bait-and-switch. The liberal blogosphere can generate all the strident rhetoric one would ever want. What liberals need from progressive politicians isn't rhetoric that's pleasing to the ears, but a combination of election strategies likely to win, and policies that will benefit the country.

ok, i agree with that last part but what i am primarily interested in is how we save the country from the flaming disaster that is consuming all we hold dear and it's becoming increasingly clear that the dems, with few exceptions (russ feingold comes immediately to mind), are clueless...

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