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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Bush: "...ignores the background noise..."
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bush: "...ignores the background noise..."

what is it gonna take to get bushco to face the reality that the american people are turning away en masse...?
Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday dismissed suggestions that the Bush White House, hampered by a weak response to Hurricane Katrina and stumbles on policy questions, needs a shake-up.

"I don't think we can pay any attention to that kind of thing," Cheney said on CBS "Face the Nation." "The president has got a job to do. ... He ignores the background noise that's out there in the polls that are taken on a daily basis."


"Administrations go through peaks and valleys," he said. "When you're down in the polls you're going to take shots that you don't deserve, and when you're up in the polls you're probably going to get praise you don't deserve."

Asked if he and Bush had a "good cop, bad cop" partnership in which Cheney took the heat for controversial policies, the vice president said: "It may look that way. It's not conscious."

never mind... i already knew the answer to that question...

anybody...? please...?

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