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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Spam titles over an 8-hr period - nothing about dumping Bush...
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spam titles over an 8-hr period - nothing about dumping Bush...

it's funny how something as annoying as spam, if viewed in a certain light, can paint of picture of your country... here's a sampling of the spam titles that've appeared in my bulk email folder over the last 8 hrs...
"Go Shopping with someone else's money!"
"Make Good Money With SMC"
"Federally Authorized Student Loan Refinance Notification"
"Hair Loss - Complimentary Consultation with Bosley"
"Enjoy a Free BlackBerry 7250 Cell phone!"
"Gap Jeans Giveaway - Limit of 1 Pair per Customer"
"Immediate Results - Enhance your love life!"
"Spin the wheel to win the jackpot"
"Get Cash out for Christmas -- Refinance with Christian Family Loan"

lessee... 4 about money, one about making it, one about winning it, two about borrowing it... two about free stuff... one about personal appearance... one about sex... interesting about the "christian family loan" but, of course, we know nothing's above exploitation... also interesting that nobody's interested in spamming me about katrina disaster relief or dumping bush...

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