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And, yes, I DO take it personally: The asshole Allen West - god forbid we should have social and economic justice
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The asshole Allen West - god forbid we should have social and economic justice

i don't ordinarily comment on the constant stream of bullshit associated with the left/right, democratic/republican, progressive/conservative divide but i find this deeply troubling...
Rep. Allen West: Thin line between communism and progressivism

Rep. Allen West, a tea party Republican from Florida, said Tuesday that he did not regret describing the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus as communists.

At a forum, he called on journalists to study the political spectrum of ideologies and claimed that in the early 1900s, American communists called themselves progressives.

“There is a very thin line between communism, progressivism, Marxism, Socialism,” West said. “It’s about nationalizing production, it’s about creating and expanding the welfare state, it’s about this idea of social and economic justice… it is also about the creation of a secular state.”

oooooo... social and economic justice... the horror...!

i know that finding individuals of limited intellectual capability and myopic views representing the people of this country in the united states congress is not uncommon... it's when they seem to be deliberately trying to incite fear and promote divisiveness that it crosses the line...

i lived through the cold war and the "better dead than red" era and to have that kind of demonization being revived is not at all where we need to be... there has been a time or two when, in my training classes and leadership teaching, i've been accused of being a communist for my obvious preferences for workplace democracy... rather than declare a belief in the status quo of an authoritarian, command and control organization that allows those at the top to maintain a grip on money and power, it's easier to mount ad hominem attacks...

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