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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Our rich, elite media propaganda puppets
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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our rich, elite media propaganda puppets

i thought perhaps the relentless schedule of glenn's book tour was taking a toll on his posting... i was right... but he's back and still full of p & v...
Glenn Greenwald: Elite Media Biased Against Occupy Wall Street

raw story...’s Glenn Greenwald, a former constitutional rights attorney, said the media’s reaction to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement highlighted how mainstream media journalists had become part of the elite class.

“If you look at, say, a host on MSNBC, what you’re actually seeing is a very high ranking employee of what was General Electric and now is Comcast, who makes many millions of dollars a year and has a make-up artist sitting in front of their face for an hour applying all sorts of make-up and another person working on their hair.”

He said that journalists had traditionally been people outside of power who acted as watchdogs to aid the powerless, but that mainstream journalists now identified with the powerful.

nothing we don't already know...

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