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And, yes, I DO take it personally: By definition, global corporations are un-American
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"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
- Noam Chomsky
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

By definition, global corporations are un-American

david intrator, a harvard grad and businessman, on occupy wall street...

from truthdig...

here's a comment from the youtube site...
Yes, I am "fundamentally conservative by nature". I want fairness, justice, and a chance for normal people to raise their families, work in a safe and sane´╗┐ environment, and live their lives in peace and reasonable comfort. (I know, sometimes that makes me a radical.) I am overjoyed to see this man spell out this message the way that he has. This is wonderful, and yes, more people need to see it. I am going to share it extensively.

what mr. intrator spells out should scare the ever-loving shit out of our super-rich elites because it exposes the very hypocrisies and lies that have been painstakingly built to lead us to the current worldwide rape and pillage by the corporatocracy...

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