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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Sucking on purpose
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sucking on purpose

posting at eschaton, jay is talking about u.s. download speeds, a topic i've posted about before... the nyt article claims that the u.s. comes in 25th in the world... i beg to differ (see below)...


It's the sucking on purpose part that rankles. We could have internet innovation managed as well as Korea does. We could have trains as good as some random European country.

We don't.

You know, we should have something state of the art.

That's right. We do.


here's what i posted back in february 2010...

here's the current top 14 world-wide in internet download speeds...

Top Countries by Download Speed

  • 1. 23.35 Mb/s Korea, Republic of
  • 2. 18.17 Mb/s Aland Islands
  • 3. 17.38 Mb/s Japan
  • 4. 16.73 Mb/s Latvia
  • 5. 15.24 Mb/s Romania
  • 6. 14.76 Mb/s Lithuania
  • 7. 14.58 Mb/s Sweden
  • 8. 14.08 Mb/s Netherlands
  • 9. 13.99 Mb/s Andorra
  • 10. 13.77 Mb/s Bulgaria
  • 11. 12.28 Mb/s Moldova, Republic of
  • 12. 10.73 Mb/s Hong Kong
  • 13. 10.64 Mb/s Portugal
  • 14. 10.24 Mb/s Slovakia

the united states...??
  • 29. 7.57 Mb/s United States

yep... we're #29 but that's not the most interesting part... just look at the spread between download speeds...

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