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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Obama "needs to start doing business in a different way in a hurry"...? Puhl-e-e-eze...
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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Obama "needs to start doing business in a different way in a hurry"...? Puhl-e-e-eze...

there's a fundamental flaw to the reasoning here... think you can spot it...?
I keep thinking back lately to that candidate and team I watched in 2008. The candidate really had his finger on something. The team almost never made a serious mistake. When a mistake did happen, they did a respectable job of digging their way out of it. They had some fight in them. Well, I’ve learned something new from these folks: Up until now, I’ve thought that running a strong presidential campaign is a sign that one can probably govern fairly well too. But there appears to be little correlation between the two.

One wonders if there is concern now in the party’s higher echelons about the White House’s methods. Of course there must be. But what, for example, do seasoned Democratic senators say to one another when they chat in private? What about the party’s big money people? All of them must be dismayed. But which of them can reach Obama? Who can pierce the armor of his inner circle and tell him he needs to start doing business in a different way in a hurry?

there's an implied assumption that obama the candidate really had any intention of doing anything different than he has done since he took the oath of office...

speaking for myself, i was so unbelievably discouraged after the eight disastrous years of george w. bush that i completely neglected my due diligence on candidate obama, leaving myself to become enraptured instead with obama's eloquence and populist rhetoric, rather than looking seriously at his record... at least i can console myself with the fact that i was hardly the only one...

but, at this point, with the 32 months of obama's record as president staring us in the face, i don't see how anyone can think for a minute that 1) anybody can "pierce the armor" or that 2), even if the armor is "pierced," that the man has the slightest intention of "doing business in a different way"... he is what he is and god help us all...

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