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And, yes, I DO take it personally: B.S. alert: "The most powerful man in the world seems strangely paralyzed"
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

B.S. alert: "The most powerful man in the world seems strangely paralyzed"

here's yet another piece of bullshit about how "weak" obama is... ain't buyin' it...


A new financial crisis has gripped the US, Asia and Europe, but Barack Obama can only respond with catchphrases. The United States will remain a "triple-A country," the US president insisted Monday, as stock markets crashed. The most powerful man in the world seems strangely paralyzed.

America's president, as the political scientist Richard Neustadt once noted, may be the most powerful man in the world, but he has only one real power: the power of persuasion.

That's why US presidents are so keen to get in front of the TV cameras and address the nation from what Americans refer to as the "presidential pulpit." Barack Obama was back at the pulpit on Monday afternoon, as the world's stock exchanges plummeted. "No matter what some agency may say, we've always been and always will be a triple-A country," asserted the president. It had taken Obama three days to make a statement on Standard & Poor's decision to strip the United States of its top credit rating.

But Obama convinced no one. Even while the president was speaking, the Dow fell below 11,000 for the first time in nine months. This is certainly a problem for Obama, but more than that, it is a problem for America.


Weak leadership could cost Obama the next election. But it is not just a problem for the US president. Neither is it just a problem for America. Obama's weakness is a problem for the entire global economy.

obama is doing exactly and precisely what he has intended all along... the "weak" argument is solid-gold crap...

it's the same garbage that was foisted on us about the "incompetency" of the bush administration... was george w. a buffoon...? absolutely... was his administration incompetent...? shit, no... the bush handlers were doing exactly what they had planned to do and they used their front man, george, to stand out in front, look stupid and take the heat... is obama weak...? is obama stupid...? is obama a buffoon...? hell no to all three...

now, that doesn't rule out the possibility that obama's strings are being pulled by others and that he truly IS weak, but there isn't anything i'm seeing that says that... obama has a bully pulpit just like every other u.s. president and what's coming out of his mouth, even though it's dramatically more articulate and polished than his predecessor, is just as much b.s. as anything that ever came out of george's mouth... only in george's case, i don't think he had the slightest idea of what he was saying... in obama's case, i think he knows EXACTLY what he's saying and, even more importantly, DOING...

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