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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Descent into chaos in Cairo [UPDATE] [UPDATE II]
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Descent into chaos in Cairo [UPDATE] [UPDATE II]

not good... watch here...


you know, it occurs to me, when i was watching this morning - central european time - the army had just made a public appeal for the protesters to go home and get back to the routine of their daily lives and, at that time, it seemed as though they would take that advice... yes, there were quite a few who were determined to remain in tahrir square steadfast in their demand that mubarak step down NOW, not in 6 months, but overall, things had subsided significantly...


pro-mubarak supporters started showing up and things started to get out of hand... watching al jazeera, several anti-mubarak protesters claim that the pro-mubarak supporters were arriving in government buses, a highly inflammatory move, if true...

in my humble opinion, the pro-mubarak demonstrators - or whoever sent them in - should have left well enough alone... the anti-mubarak faction claims, rightly so, that they had spent several peaceful, incident-free days when, suddenly, in come the thugs... what a shame...


this, a tweet from the nyt's nicholas kristof...
Pro-Mubarak thugs everywhere have same talking points, same signs, same hostility to journalists. An organized crackdown.

this is backed up by sharif kouddous...
We had to disassemble our cameras and hide them in our bags to walk around these thugs. They are attacking journalists, cursing Al Jazeera.

oh, man... that's what i have been thinking ever since this latest development started...

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