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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Arrived back in the U.S. early yesterday morning
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Friday, November 05, 2010

Arrived back in the U.S. early yesterday morning

being in argentina for the past month was a blessed relief and coming back yesterday to the u.s., it was clear that nothing has changed, a conservative sweep of the mid-term elections notwithstanding... now, mind you, i didn't expect anything different, but sitting in the breakfast room of the hotel this morning with fox news blasting in my face from two different monitors, i confess to being just a tad bit glum... i never watch fox news unless i'm absolutely unable to avoid it but i am always stunned at its complete lack of depth, its self-granted freedom to distort the truth and its blatant pandering to all the worst human tendencies... kind of like a mirror for the rest of the country, i'm afraid...

the good news...?

i'm back on a plane out of the country later this afternoon... granted, there's no such thing as a utopia out there and most places i go, i see the same ugly patterns repeating themselves... what makes it a little more tolerable is that, when i'm in somebody ELSE's country, what's getting shoved in my face isn't constantly reminding me of the miserable state of my OWN country...

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